About Epworth Youth

We gather each week as middle and high school students. We eat a meal together, study the Scriptures, talk through life stuff, and seek to become better disciples of Jesus together in community. As middle and high school students we have an amazing responsibly and opportunity to see God’s mission unfold in our homes, schools, jobs, and wherever else we may find ourselves. We hope that together we will grow to radiate the love of Christ into the world around us and see the Kingdom of God come in Huntsville as it is in heaven.
The Youth Ministry of Epworth exists to love others, serve our community and worship God so that the students of Epworth may be disciples of Christ.

January 23: UMYF 5-7 at Valley UMC
February 12: CVS 5-7 at Trinity UMC
February 27: UMYF 5-7 at Valley UMC
March 9: UMYF Service Project

*Social distancing will be followed at each event, when indoors masks are needed*

Mission Trip:
Each summer the youth will take a week to serve in different ways, whether that be through building projects or building relationships with those around them. As we get closer to the summer of 2022 more information will come on this year’s mission trip!

If you have any questions for our student ministries, please email our Director of Youth Ministries, Amber at eumcyouth.hsv@gmail.com.