Coronavirus Precautions @ Epworth

I wanted to share with you all some additional Coronavirus precautions that we’ll be taking at Epworth.  I hope you’ll join me in making sure we mitigate the risk of contracting Coronaviurs at Epworth.

  • Our cleaning crew is now wiping down all handrails, light switches, doorknobs, and faucet handles every weekday after MDO.
  • We will wipe down all of these surfaces before and after worship on Sundays.  We welcome any help from our younger, less vulnerable members with this task.  Please coordinate with Lynn in the office or signup in the Narthex.  
  • Before and after service, you are encouraged to greet one another without using physical contact.  I know we are a loving church and love to shake hands, hug, and even kiss one another.  Ecclesiastes 3:5b says, there is “a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing.”  It is the season to refrain.   
  • Please follow these same precautions as we greet one another during the passing of the peace in our worship service.
  • We are blessed with lots of space at Epworth – so let’s use it.  Instead of scrunching up close to your favorite friends in worship, consider spreading out a bit.  
  • Church Ushers, instead of passing the plate down the aisles from one person to the next, please present the plate to folks and allow them to drop contributions and attendance cards in the plates.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the church, including the Narthex.  We’re monitoring restrooms to make sure soap dispensers are full.  
  • We will forego communion for the rest of the Lenten season.  We have ordered individually wrapped cups of juice and wafers for communion to be celebrated on Easter
  • Our MDO Program will follow Madison County Schools in any decisions about canceling school.
  • Should local officials in the Huntsville area caution us to avoid holding worship or if we are given such guidance from the Bishop, we are prepared to use our streaming capabilities to create a more robust online worship experience.  If this happens, I will provide some additional instructions on how to participate in online worship.  

Let’s all help one another keep safe and healthy during this time!

Pastor Todd