Epworth Family Conversation & Legislative Petitions from the Commission on a Way Forward

At Epworth, we are planning to have an “in-house” conversation regarding the proposed changes to the Book of Discipline that will be taken up at the 2019 General Conference related to the church’s position on homosexuality.  The specific legislative proposals are now available for you to read here.  The entire document is 227 pages, but skipping forward to “Exhibit D” on page 131* and reading this section should prepare you for our conversation.  This is still a considerable amount of material to work through.  If you’d like to get the “overall gist,” you might consider reading:

  • The One Church Plan – “Summary of Plan” on page 142-143*
  • The Connectional Conference Plan – “Summary of Connectional Conference Plan” and “Features of Connectional Conference Plan” on page 157-158*
  • The Traditionalist Plan – Read full plan available (3 pages) on page 186-188*


*Page numbers refer to the pages of the PDF document and not to the internal pagination as this PDF file is a compilation of individual documents, each with different pagination schemes.