Read the Passion

We invite you to read along through the Passion of Jesus Christ contained in Matthew, chapters 26 to 28 over the course of Wednesday through Sunday of Holy Week. Pastors Todd and Christy Noren-Hentz will read the texts live on the Epworth Facebook Page at approximately the time in parenthesis below. Or you may simply wish to read through on your own along with the suggested timings and use the reflection thoughts and questions.

You may wish to keep a journal, find a prayer partner to take this journey with, or experience together as a family. If you feel led to share your thoughts and experiences, you are invited to do so in the comments of our Facebook page on each video.

During our Easter Sunrise video, Pastor Christy will share an Easter morning sermon after the morning reading.

Please invite others to join us on this journey!

Videos will be linked here as they are completed.

~ The Passion Readings ~

(1) Wednesday Afternoon (1pm) – Matthew 26:1-13 – Costly Ointment

What thing of great value are you clutching on to and keeping from God?

(2) Wednesday Evening (7pm) – Matthew 26:14-16 – 30 pieces of silver

What temptations do you have to betray Jesus Christ in some way?

(3) Thursday Morning (9am) – Matthew 26:17-19 – Passover Preparations

How can you prepare yourself spiritually for the events that are about to unfold?

(4) Thursday Before Dinner (4:30pm) – Matthew 26:20-25 – One will betray

In what ways do you deny your own wrongdoing before God?

(5) Thursday During Dinner (5:30pm) – Matthew 26:26-29 – This is my body

What do these words mean to you?

(6) Thursday After Dinner (6:30pm) – Matthew 26:30-35 – You will betray me

Our intentions to be faithful do not always match reality.  How so for you?

(7) Thursday Before Bed (9pm) – Matthew 26:36-40 – Pray with Jesus 1

What meaning does “Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what you want” mean to you in this time and place?

(8) Thursday/Friday Middle of Night (Midnight) – Matthew 26:41-42 – Pray with Jesus 2

Even though you are tired, I invite you to pray to God in this moment

(9) Friday Upon Awaking (7am) – Matthew 26:43-46 – Pray with Jesus 3

Again, pray to Jesus and arise knowing what events are to unfold today

(10) Friday Early Morning (8am) – Matthew 26:47-56 – Judas Betrays Jesus

Judas betrayed Jesus.  The disciples deserted him and fled.  What would you have done?

(11) Friday Early Morning 2 (9am) – Matthew 26:57-68 – Arraignment of Jesus

This was a miscarriage of justice.  How do you respond to acts of injustice that you become aware of?

(12) Friday Mid Morning (10am) – Matthew 26:69-75 – Peter Denies Jesus

When has your own unfaithfulness surprised you?

(13) Friday Mid Morning 2 (10:30am) – Matthew 27:1-10 – Judas Repents

What “blood money” have you participated with?  Is repentance in order?

(14) Friday Late Morning (11am) – Matthew 27:11-26 – Trial of Jesus

What would you have done if you were Pilate?  Part of the crowds?

(15) Friday Late Morning 2 (11:30am) – Matthew 27:27-31 – Jesus crowned with thorns

Silently reflect on how we treated the one God sent to us

(16) Friday Midday (12:30pm) – Matthew 27:32-37 – Crucifixion

How do you use Jesus for your own ends?

(17) Friday Midday 2 (1pm) – Matthew 27:38-44 – Bandits

In what way to you challenge God like these bandits?

(18) Friday Afternoon (3pm) – Matthew 27:45-54 – Curtain is torn

Temple torn, earth shook, rocks split, tombs opened, bodies raised.  What does all of this mean?

(19) Friday, Early Evening (5pm) – Matthew 27:55-56 – Women look on

What do you make of these women who witnessed these things from a distance?

(20) Friday, Mid Evening (7pm) – Matthew 27:57-61 – Burial of Jesus

Imagine what it would have been like to bury Jesus.

(21) Saturday Morning (9am) – Matthew 27:62-66 – Guarding the Tomb

In what ways do you try to prevent resurrection in your own life?

(22) Sunday Early Morning (6am) – Matthew 28:1-10 – Jesus is Raised

Sermon, Rev. Christy Noren-Hentz – Live from Labyrinth @ New Market UMC

(23) Sunday Afternoon (2pm) – Matthew 28:11-15 – Soldiers Bribed

Despite having seen genuine new life and rebirth – what obstacles lay ahead of you?

(24) Sunday Evening (6pm) – Matthew 28:16-20 – Great Commission

How can God use you in this Great Commisson?