In the church parking lot, there are weeds growing in the cracks – much higher than I’ve ever noticed before. Like a well-worn path in the woods, hikers keep the track clearly marked and free of the vegetation that distinguishes it from the surrounding area. By using it, it is kept in shape. The same is true of the church. While we have been experiencing weekly worship services online, many of us are accustomed to gathering more often than that for Christian fellowship.

In this spirit, a church member challenged me to provide a sermon everyday. Well, that’s a little more than I can handle, but we do have lots of wonderfully faithful and thoughtful people in our church family. Why not let some of you all provide a “sermon everyday” or an “everyday sermon” to us in some way.

A sermon is not just a 15-20 speech from a pulpit by a pastor speaking from a biblical text. A sermon can be:

  • Sharing a verse or meaningful quote you read.
  • A picture you took of something that interested you or you found beautiful
  • A story of an interaction you had
  • Something funny you child did
  • A song you mastered on your instrument
  • A devotional reflection
  • A meal you cooked with love
  • Anything at all that explores the fullness of the life God gives us

These sermons can take any form – picture, video, written word. If you’d like to participate, let Pastor Todd know at If it helps to have some Scriptural reference to work from, you may choose to use our worship Scripture for last week, Luke 24:13-25 or our worship Scripture for this coming Sunday, Acts 2:42-47.

I know that sharing in this way can take us our of our comfort zones, but I’m hoping you’ll choose to embrace that discomfort as a holy challenge. I believe that we’ll all – our church and our community – from your choice to courageously participate.

If you’d like to talk more about what you might could share, drop me a line, I’m happy to chat about it. Also, below is a Facebook Live video I did that captures much of what has been said here.

We’ll start as soon as we’ve got a few ready to go. Thanks!