At Epworth, we have several adult Sunday School classes for you to choose from. They include:

The Homemakers’ Sunday School Class is composed of ladies in the age groups mostly of 70’s, 80’s and several 90’s. Isn’t that wonderful? Just think of the knowledge stored in those white and gray heads. Our class was first called The Young Adult Class and is over 50 years old. Our teacher is John Cady, who brings alive the Bible lessons each Sunday. You are cordially invited to visit us where you will be most welcome. Room #320

The Frances Asbury Class was formed in October 1963 for the purpose of creating a young married couples’ class. The class adopted the name of Frances Asbury, the first Methodist bishop in America. This class is now much wiser and a little older but very active in the life of Epworth UMC. The class is made up of both married and single people ranging in age from 50 and up. Unscheduled social events are planned throughout the year. The class elects officers and contributes regularly to several mission projects: Social Concerns, Missionary, Cynthia Carr, the Hospitality House, Christmas Charities Stocking Project, different projects at the church, members serve on several committees. We presently have 14 on roll. Several class members rotate teaching. Room #214

The Friendship Class is a mission-oriented and very sociable class. Made up primarily of retired or still working older adults, the Friendship Class meets each is a very sociable bunch. In addition to their Sunday class meetings, they meet each Tuesday evening in different class members’ homes for a covered-dish dinner and games. We meet on the second floor in room #216

The Searchers Class is probably the most diverse class in Epworth’s Sunday School, with members ages 35 to 85, Conservatives, liberals, couples, singles, who do not mind expressing thoughts in discussions. We are opinionated and accepting individuals. We choose various literatures quarterly with teaching duties rotating among several members. Our current curriculum is DVD format Bible studies and open class discussion. Room #227