Protein Pack Challenge

Auburn vs. Alabama vs. Everybody Else

First Stop has seen a significant increase in the number of homeless clients they assist each day. Currently they calculate that they need to feed up to 80 people per day, but have also had a decrease in prepared meals from the community because of the pandemic. So, they have asked us to host a drive to collect 500 protein packs for the snack packs that they give out each day.  
So, we are going to have a little fun by having a competition between Alabama and Auburn fans to see who can bring in the most protein items, including individual packs of nuts, granola bars, Vienna sausages, beannie weenies, tuna and other such items.  Items should not require a can opener to consume. Each week, a tally of items collected for each team will be taken and delivered to First Stop.  

Alabama fans should place their donations in the Alabama bin. Auburn fans may also place their donations in the Alabama bin 😀.  The bins are located in the Narthex. Items may also be left at the front door of the church, but should be marked for which team you’d like to support.  Otherwise, the Pastor gets to decide which bin they go in.
Not an Alabama or Auburn fan?  No problem, we will have a collection bin for fans of other teams (or of none) as well.  The winning team may gloat shamelessly on a Sunday to be named and may wear attire to support their team on that Sunday. The losing team will be strictly prohibited from wearing any team attire to church that Sunday.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 256-536-1559.