Online Worship Survey Results

Overall: 12 responses

#1 – How many online worship services from Epworth have you participated in during the last month? [12 responses]

4: 67%

3: 25%

1: 9%

#2 – If we make an investment in new equipment, which capacity would you like to see more? [8 responses]

Clearer Video: 50%

Improved Audio: 38%

Additional Camera Shots: 12.5%

#3 – My preferred platform for watching online worship is: [11 responses]

Facebook Live: 55%

YouTube Live: 27%

Church Website: 18%

#4 – Do you watch live or later? [12 responses]

I prefer live, but will watch later on occasion: 42%

I only watch live: 42%

I prefer to watch later on my own time, but will watch live sometimes: 17%

#5 – When you watch, who is usually watching with you? [12 responses]

Just me: 75%

My spouse: 17%

My kids: 8%

#6 – Do you follow along with the liturgy on the worship page? [12 responses]

Yes: 50%

No: 33%

Sometimes: 17%

#7 – If you watched on April 19, did you find the integration of text for hymns, scripture, creed, etc. helpful or not? [12 responses]

Yes: 92%

No Opinion or I did not watch: 8%

#8 – Which of the following statements best describes your experience of online worship? [12 responses]

I value the experience of Epworth’s traditional worship service being kept as close as possible to “normal” in-person worship: 50%

There are some elements of the worship service that don’t work as well in an online worship format, but others that do: 50%

#9 – If you answered that some elements of the worship service don’t work as well in an online format, please give us a sense of which ones and why? [3 responses]

Interaction with the children is always uplifting.

tithes and offering.    Odd to just hear organ music.   I feel that most people wait until after worship take action.     Can we change the music to something upbeat?

“Some times the words to the songs don’t flow smoothly with what Eric is singing.  The offering time doesn’t seems to be too long sometimes.”

#10 – Do you use the worship recap in weekly emails? [12 responses]

Yes: 75%

No: 25%

#11 – What interactive elements do you participate in? [Check All That Apply] [8 responses]

Sharing worship or hosting watch party: 63% 38%

Facebook Comments: 38%

Online giving: 25%

#12 – What device type do you usually use to watch Epworth worship? [12 responses]

Desktop or laptop computer: 58%

Smartphone: 25%

Tablet: 17%

#13 – What are you doing during worship?:

I focus on worship exclusively or almost exclusively: 92%

I listen/watch while surfing around online: 8%

#14 – After participating in online worship, which describes your likely online participation after the pandemic [Check All That Apply] [12 responses]

I may watch again if out of town, sick or otherwise can’t be present in person: 83%

I probably won’t do it again unless there is another pandemic or similar situation: 33%

I may rewatch all or parts of worship online after in-person worship: 25%

I am likely to participate online on occasion: 8%

I will be just as likely to watch online as I will be to participate in person: 8%

I may share all or parts of worship online after in-person worship: 8%

#15 – What technical problems persist for you with Epworth’s online worship? [Check All That Apply] [8 responses]

Audio difficult to hear: 25%

Audio/Video out of sync: 25%

Video lagging: 25%

Cannot find video stream: 13%

Video is unclear: 13%

Worked fine: 13%

#16 – Do you watch in whole or in part? [12 responses]

I watch the worship service from beginning to end: 92%

I tend to tune in or fast forward just to certain parts: 8%

#17 – What ideas do you have to help us improve the online worship experience?

“Special songs or instruments from congregation during offertory”

“Omit the silence while the collection would be taken and shorten the music at the Benediction.”

“Are you able to move the camera around?  Kelly could sit on the steps like she normally does.  Bring in other soloist?”

“Is it possible to zoom in to the pulpit?  Movement of persons behind the speaker can be distracting.”

#18 – Is 10:15 am on Sundays still the best time for worship for you during the pandemic season?

Yes: 92%

10:00 AM: 8%