Stations of the Cross

Join us on Good Friday & Holy Saturday for an outdoor Stations of the Cross experience. You can walk thru or drive thru the Stations of the Cross. It will be open all day on Good Friday and until 5pm on Holy Saturday.

Note: In accordance with the Governor’s “shelter in place” directive, we will no longer offer the walk thru portion of Stations of the Cross. Driving thru the Stations still complies with the Governor’s directive.

What is the Stations of the Cross? It is meditative and prayerful journey that Jesus took from his trial to his execution on the cross and beyond. It can be an extremely powerful way to experience the tragic, yet sacred events that led to the crucifixion.

Along side our Stations of the Cross, Kelly has prepared a kid-friendly version as well, making this a true, all ages activity.

To participate in our Stations of the Cross experience, you must agree to only proceed through the stations as an individual or in your family units. If a group is occupying the station in front of you, please wait patiently in place until they move to the next station. You may not leave your vehicle for any reason.

Proceed through the stations shown on map below.