2019-2020 Confirmation Class

Confirmation is a time in the Methodist tradition where students go through a course where they learn the basics of the Bible, the Methodist tradition, and the Christian Faith. 

During Confirmation, students will have the opportunity to evaluate the Christian faith for themselves and decide whether or not they want to "confirm" their baptism and faith tradition into which they have been
born. Our Confirmation course will be comprised of ten one-hour sessions on select Sunday evenings in the fall and winter from 4 to 5pm as well as a final retreat to end our Confirmation experience. Our schedule and curriculum will be as follows:

Session 1 September 15th (Overview and Canonization Process)
Session 2 September 29th (Genesis and Exodus; Jesus)
Session 3 October 13th (Law; Matthew and Mark)
Session 4 October 20th (Judges, Ruth; Luke & Acts)
Session 5 November 10th (Kings; John)
Session 6 December 1st (Babylonian Captivity, Prophets; Paul)
Session 7 January 5th (Psalms, Wisdom; Romans, Corinthians
Session 8 January 26th (Job, Ester; Letters)
Session 9 February 9th (Rise of Rome; Revelation)
Session 10 February 23rd (Baptism, Confirmation, Membership Vows)
Makeup Day March 15th
Retreat Weekend March 27-29 (Lake Junaluska in North Carolina; $140 per student)
Confirmation Sunday April 19th at 10:15am
If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Todd Noren-Hentz at todd.noren-hentz@umcna.org or call the church office at 256-536-1559.