125 Days of Prayer for Epworth’s 125th Anniversary

On December 10th, 2018, Epworth will officially turn 125 years old.  Our Anniversary Planning Team is busy putting together a celebration of Epworth’s Past, Present, and Future for December 8-10.  August 7th marks 125 days until our 125th anniversary.  To help prepare yourself and support the church and planning team, we are asking people to take a moment each day to pray for one specific thing related to Epworth for the next 125 days.  You can find the list below or download a printable version here.

1. Thank you, Lord for this Church.
2. Thank you, Lord for this Congregation.
3. For the Saints who established and nourished this church and have passed on.
4. For pastor’s past and present and their families who have served as our guides.
5. For those who have accepted responsibilities as teachers.
6. For your presence as we worship.
7. For your presence during difficult times.
8. For loving us.
9. For those who have prepared our sanctuary for worship each week.
10. For those who share their beautiful voices with Holy anthems for worship.
11. For those who provide beautiful instrumental music when we worship.
12. For those who accept the responsibility of stewardship in managing our financial report.
13. For those who can give more than a tithe.
14. For those who respond when the call goes out for a special need.
15. For those who visit the sick, the lonely, the grieving.
16. For those who visit the prospective members.
17. For those who provide help for families who have suffered a loss.
18. For those who provide Christian leadership for youth scouting programs.
19. For the youth and counselors who travel to areas of need for families.
20. For those willing to prepare and serve our congregational dinners.
21. For those willing to clean up after the fellowship.
22. For those who do those Holy things unseen except by you.
23. For those who care for the appearance of our campus.
24. For those who can provide fresh flowers for the sanctuary to glorify you.
25. For send Your Son to us.
26. Pray for the next 125 years of Epworth.
27. Pray for the marriages that began at Epworth.
28. Pray for those making decorations for the 125th Anniversary event.
29. Pray for the children of Epworth.
30. Pray for one person to return to Epworth because of this event
31. Pray for our Bishop who will present during the 125th celebration.
32. Pray for our District Superintendent presenting at the celebration.
33. Pray for the United Methodist Church.
34. Pray for those who have drifted away from Epworth.
35. Pray for those who are making food for the celebration.
36. Pray for those planning the 125th Anniversary event.
37. Pray for the past ministers of Epworth UMC.
38. Pray for the choir at Epworth.
39. Give thanks for one positive memory you’ve had at Epworth.
40. Pray for the facilities at Epworth.
41. Future grown of Epworth.
42. More young adults in our church.
43. Increased giving for our church.
44. Pray for a youth director that will serve our youth.
45. More people willing to assume leadership roles.
46. Visitation for increased programs for our shut-ins.
47. Pray for our church’s direction during The Way Forward.
48. Pray for a strong youth program.
49. Pray for continued support of community by our church.
50. Pray for Epworth’s financial situation.
51. Pray for the Methodist leadership.
52. Pray for new direction of the church.
53. Pray for former Epworth members.
54. Pray for present and retired pastors of Epworth.
55. Pray for our music program.
56. Pray for our choir struggles.
57. Pray for the senior citizens.
58. Pray for the Joy Group.
59. Pray for our church growth and attendance.
60. Pray for our new Youth Minister.
61. Pray for newly obtained green space decisions.
62. Pray for the Administrative Board.
63. Pray for the Methodist Youth.
64. Pray for those on the prayer list at Epworth.
65. Pray for the celebration committee and project.
66. Pray for our Sunday School attendance.
67. Pray for church attendance.
68. Pray for Epworth’s financial situation.
69. Pray for our pastor.
70. Pray for our choir.
71. Pray for the sick and shut-ins.
72. Pray for our church leaders.
73. Pray for our church committees.
74. Pray for our church missions.
75. Pray for our District Superintendent.
76. Pray for our Bishop.
77. Pray for 125 new members at Epworth.
78. Pray for our minister.
79. Pray for our staff.
80. Pray for those grieving.
81. Pray for the hungry.
82. Pray for the addicted.
83. Pray for those seeking employment
84. Pray for the sick and suffering.
85. Pray for the homeless.
86. Pray for the lonely.
87. Pray for teachers.
88. Pray for students.
89. Pray for doctors and nurses.
90. Pray for caretakers.
91. Pray for hope of the world.
92. Pray for the children of Epworth.
93. Pray for the youth of Epworth.
94. Pray for the young adults of Epworth.
95. Pray for the older adults of Epworth.
96. Pray for those who are homebound of Epworth.
97. Pray for MDO/Preschool/Kindergarten.
98. Pray for the Searchers Sunday School Class.
99. Pray for the Francis Asbury Sunday School Class.
100. Pray for the Homemakers Sunday School Class.
101. Pray for the Truthseekers Sunday School Class.
102. Pray for the Friendship Sunday School Class.
103. Pray for the Lydia Circle.
104. Pray for the Grace Girls Circle.
105. Pray for the Trustees.
106. Pray for SPRC.
107. Pray for the Family Life Committee.
108. Pray for our choir.
109. Pray for bible study group.
110. Pray for the Boy Scouts/Cubs.
111. Pray for the Girl Scouts.
112. Pray for the needs at First Stop.
113. Pray for UMCOR Shoeboxes.
114. Pray for any new missions at Epworth.
115. Pray for our Children’s Council.
116. Pray for our Youth Council.
117. Pray for our Missions Team.
118. Pray for our Worship Team.
119. Pray for our Congregational Care Team.
120. Pray for our Finance Team.
121. Pray for new way to outreach.
122. Pray for an increase in church members.
123. Pray for the neighborhood that surrounds
124. Pray for each member of our church.
125. Pray that all that we do at Epworth is to Glorify God.