Epworth United Methodist Church

Part-time Nursery Worker Job Description

Job Title: Epworth United Methodist Church Part-time Nursery Worker

Summary: Provides for the safety and well-being of the children left in the nursery.

Supervised by: Director of Children’s Ministries

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Never leaves the children unattended. Follows Safe Sanctuary rules.
  2. Makes certain that the play area is free of obvious hazards. Makes sure the choice of available toys and activities is limited to ensure the safety of the youngest child present.
  3. Practices and enforces good hygiene with the children in the care of our nursery. Thoroughly washes hands after each diaper change or following the cleaning of each child. Washes toys that have been mouthed by infants and small children before making the toy available for another child. Changes a wet or soiled diaper promptly and always prior to releasing the child to his or her parents.
  4. Releases a child only to a known and trusted individual. Calls for a senior member of the staff for assistance if there is any doubt regarding the individual picking up the child.
  5. Give complete attention to the children in nursery care. Does not participate in socialization or gatherings with other workers while caring for the children.
  6. Identifies the need for addition help when the nursery has more children than can be properly cared for. Seeks help from a parent for immediate assistance and calls the Director of Children’s Ministries to recruit additional help.
  7. Is present in the nursery ready to provide care at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled meeting, rehearsal, small group meeting, or worship service. Remains in the nursery at least fifteen minutes (15) after the start time of any scheduled event. (If at that time no children have been left in the nursery the Nursery Worker is free to leave and the Nursery Worker will be paid for the regularly scheduled hours).
  8. Makes suggestions to improve the care and cleanliness of our nursery facilities.
  9. Carries out other duties as assigned by the Director of Children’s Ministries.


Hours of Work: The Nursery Worker works the hours as instructed by the Director of Children’s Ministries. The Nursery Worker is paid for a minimum of 3 hours for Sunday morning and a minimum of 2 hours for all other times/events.

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